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I've always marveled at the way humor can heal and renew our souls. Maybe that's why my work always gravitates to comedy? To me, there is nothing like the experience of hearing an audience laugh out loud during one of my plays. I especially enjoy entertaining young audiences. I've dedicated a lot of time and effort into developing a TYA portfolio. Pirates vs. Leprechauns is my first TYA play to be produced.

pirates vs leprechauns NEWEST.png
Pirates Vs. Leprechauns

A Musical Comedy for Young Audiences

When a feisty band of pirates runs into a company of leprechauns on a misty magical island, they discover they're both hunting for the same prize: Greenbeard's treasure.  After fighting and competing with each other, they realize they can do better by working together. When they finally find the treasure, it isn't what they expected.

Crocodile poster.png
Love Is A Crocodile

A Romantic Comedy with Bite

Down-and-out and living in a homeless camp, Cyrus and Phoebe wager over whether or not true love exists in the world. They position themselves near a garden cafe and overhear the conversations of several couples in various stages of their relationships. They search for clues behind the nerd date, the blind date, the first date, the gamophobe, and all those

distractions that get in the way of love.

The Crow's Nest

A Murder Mystery Comedy


The Crow family rents a cabin in the mountains for the Thanksgiving holiday. When the three Crow sisters arrive before their parents, they discover a guest book that chronicles the murder of one of the former guests. The sisters search the house and interview the wacky staff to try and unravel the mystery. Things get dicey when one of the suspects turns out to be a family member. Can the girls solve the crime before their parents arrive and the turkey's in the oven?

LOL poster.png

A One Act Comedy


Two strangers with smartphones encounter a crisis and struggle to do the right thing. 

Although this play takes a humorous approach, it pokes fun at a growing serious problem in our society. We'd all rather watch or maybe video what's going on around us than step in and do something. 

New Play Exchange

A Resource for New Plays

I've only listed a small sampling of plays here. For my complete portfolio of full lengths and one acts, please go to my New Play Exchange  page. You can even download copies of my scripts there.

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