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I admit I'm an animal lover. When I look at the body of work I’ve created, some type of animal is usually featured in my stories. My wife is the one who pointed that out to me. :-) So, that explains most of the photos you see on my web site. I included a sea turtle because I love snorkeling with these amazing creatures. I admire the way they seem to have life figured out. They have no fear. They’re never in a hurry. They bask in the sun in the middle of the day. I am also the caretaker of a desert tortoise. I am awed by his determination to leave the enclosure we have built for him. No matter what I do, he figures out how to escape. Maybe I’ll write a story about turtles someday. 

Below is my more professional, third person bio:


Craig specializes in dramatic writing with a comedic twist. He’s developed his ear for dialogue and theatrical material as a video game designer. Over the years, he developed many mystery and adventure games for the PC/Mac and mobile markets, including the Victorian Mysteries and Unsolved Mystery Club series.  


In fiction, Craig writes funny mysteries. His mystery for adults, Body of Knowledge, follows the mishaps of a security guard who makes a tragic mistake while he’s guarding dead bodies in the hospital morgue. His middle grade mystery, Red Hat, follows a 12-year old boy who finds a mysterious book full of codes left behind by his older brother who has gone missing. 


Craig's full-length comedy Love Is A Crocodile was produced by the Misfits Theater Company at the Grand Central Arts Center in 2019. Craig’s one act LOL was selected by the OC-Centric Festival in Orange County, and the one act Phubbing was selected for the Nine Winning One-Acts festival by The Group Rep Theatre in North Hollywood.


Additionally, Craig wrote and directed the dark comedy Body of Knowledge, an award-winning short film that screened in several film festivals around the world.

Craig is a member of the The Group Rep Theatre in Los Angeles, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance, the Mystery Writers of America and the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators). He graduated from UCLA with a degree in English Literature and an MBA in Marketing from USC. 

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