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I write funny mysteries for kids and adults. If you liked Holes by Louise Sachar or Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, or if you're a fan of Janet Evanovich or Harlan Coben mysteries , you'll like my books. 

Redhat red.png
Red Hat

A Middle Grade Mystery

Twelve-year-old Maddox stumbles upon a mystery when he discovers a book left behind by his missing brother, Xavier.


Not just any book. It’s a mysterious journal with a red hat on the cover. Inside, it's full of codes and secrets that lead Maddox and his friends on a wild adventure.


The four nerds, Maddox, Sam, Busta, and Raccoon work together to decipher the secrets in the book. When they finally crack the code, they learn that Xavier was hunting a notorious hacker who destroyed people by stealing confidential digital information.


One of the hacker’s victims was Maddox and Xavier’s father, who was ruined when his identity was taken and his money stolen. 


Maddox and his friends band together to solve the mystery and find his brother before it’s too late. 

Body of Knowledge

A Devin Bogart Mystery

Twenty-seven-year-old security guard Devin Bogart is demoted to the morgue. Nothing is more boring than spending eight hours with refrigerated dead bodies.  


Excitement leaps into his life when an alluring Australian woman named Zoey arrives to remove a body without the proper paperwork. Smitten, Devin reluctantly releases the corpse, hoping that maybe he’ll see Zoey again. 


Worst mistake ever. Minutes later, the coroner requests the body to perform an autopsy. The police interrogate Devin and consider him their leading person of interest in the investigation. 


Devin’s life plunges into a spiral of suffering. He loses his job. He becomes a murder suspect. And the cat spits up a humongous fur ball on his favorite pillow. 


Anxious to get his job back and clear his name, Devin enlists the help of an unlikely ally and a scent-sniffing basset hound to locate the missing body. Before they’re done interviewing the suspects, the killer strikes again.

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