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Red Hat

A middle grade mystery


An excerpt from Red Hat:


     I never realized how big a mountain lion was until I was on my knees thirty feet from one. They. Are. Ginormous. I felt so small. The first thing that popped into my head was, "Do I look like a meal?"

     The second thing was, “Of course you do. DON’T MOVE!”

     “Maddox,” whispered Sam, next to me. Man, what rotten timing for tying our shoes. I heard the terror in her voice. 

     I nodded that I saw him so she wouldn’t freak out. I could tell it was a male lion because, you know, they have different parts. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen a mountain lion where we lived in Silverado, California. We had those Warning! Mountain Lion Country signs up everywhere. A lion attacked a guy on a bike several years ago, but most of the time, they only showed up on security cameras. Never up close.

Summary:  A twelve-year-old boy discovers a book with a red hat on the cover. Inside, it’s full of coded messages left behind by his missing older brother. With the help of his three nerdy friends, he strives to solve the clues in the book and hopes to find his brother before it’s too late. 
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See My One Act Comedy on YouTube

In Summer 2022, my one act comedy, LOL, will be featured on OC-Centric's New Play Festival YouTube channel. When the link becomes live, I'll post it here. 
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