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Red Hat

A middle grade mystery


An excerpt from Red Hat:


     You never realize how big a mountain lion is until you’re standing thirty feet from one. They. Are. Ginormous. You feel so small, the first thing that pops into your head is, "Do I look like a meal?" The second thing is, “Of course you do. DON’T MOVE!”

     I didn’t think, Hey, let’s see if we can talk our way out of this one. Although, I am good at that. I can make stuff up, and people believe it, most of the time. But you don’t talk your way out of a showdown with a beast with fangs and claws that’s, like, 200 pounds, maybe 250. I was 125 pounds on a good day! That’s about average for a twelve-year-old, but right now I didn’t need average. Right now, I needed a Superman cape. 

Summary:  A twelve-year-old boy discovers a book with a red hat on the cover. Inside, it’s full of coded messages left behind by his missing older brother. With the help of his three nerdy friends, he strives to solve the clues in the book and hopes to find his brother before it’s too late. 
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See My One Act Comedy on the Group Rep Theatre Web Site
On October 10, 2020 at 8 pm PST, Phubbing, my one act comedy about smartphone addictions, was performed as part of the Nine Winning One Acts Festival by The Group Rep Theatre. Even if you missed the livestream, you can still see the recording here: (my play is first on the program)